Welcome to the Billy Howell Ford Lincoln Quick Auto Repair and Service Center

Looking to handle some important service or repair issue related to your favorite Ford vehicle, but you need to be back on the road in a hurry? Then Billy Howell Ford Lincoln's Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center is ready to take care of you. As Alpharetta's most trusted provider of service for Ford cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles (SUVs), in addition to virtually all other vehicles currently on the road, you can rest easy knowing that our team will employ the most efficient and effective processes – as well as premium quality parts from trusted brands like Motorcraft® and Good Year – to ensure that the job is done right as soon as possible.

The best part about bringing your vehicle to Billy Howell Ford Lincoln's Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center? Whether you come by first thing in the morning, in the evening after work, or on the weekend, we will always be ready and waiting to assist you as you tackle your routine (and even unexpected) maintenance needs.

If this sounds like the kind of service that works for you, go ahead and stop by the next time you are in our neighborhood, or take a moment to learn a little more about some of the services offered up by our expert team. Once you are ready to take the next step, a member of our factory-trained team will be more than happy to inspect your vehicle from top to bottom and provide you with a comprehensive Vehicle Check-Up Report. With this powerful asset on your side, you will have all of the insight and info needed to make a smart call when it comes to managing your current service needs – and safeguarding your vehicle for years to come.

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Taking Care of Your Tire Buying and Maintenance Needs Has Never Been Easier

As the root of many of the service requests that come through the Billy Howell Ford Lincoln Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center, it is safe to say that finding the right tires for your favorite car, truck, or SUV is clearly a major priority. Fortunately, the Billy Howell Ford Lincoln staff has you covered via a variety of services, which include tire repair, tire rotation, tire inspection, and even wheel alignment.

If you find that you need new tires, we generally include the following services into your purchase experience:

  • New tire installation
  • Tire rotation
  • tire mounting and balancing
  • Inspection for proper inflation and potential wear
  • Disposal fee*
  • State taxes*

*Additional charges may apply. Please connect with your Quick Lane representative if you require further explanation of items on your statement.

As far as the selection and price goes, there is no denying that Billy Howell Ford Lincoln's Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center simply cannot be beat. From the 13 name brand tire options listed below that we are proud to offer to customers here in Alpharetta to our unbeatable Low Price Tire Guarantee**, you can shop with confidence knowing that the best tire deals and service for you are always waiting at Billy Howell Ford Lincoln's Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center.

  • Michelin
  • Uniroyal
  • Dunlop
  • Continental
  • Hankook
  • Bridgestone
  • Yokohama
  • Firestone
  • Pirelli
  • General
  • Kelly
  • Goodyear
  • BF Goodrich

**To claim this offer, presentation of competitors current price ad or accompanying offer on the exact tire sold by the Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center is required. Please see the manager of your Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center for more details.

Oil Change Service That Is Second to None

Staying up to date with your oil changes is a major piece of the puzzle when it comes to keeping your car running right. Fortunately, the team here at Billy Howell Ford Lincoln's Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center can help you stay on top of this process (and extend the useful life of your vehicle) via multiple service options that incorporate the expertise of our factory-trained technicians and the high-quality oil and filter products offered up by Motorcraft®.

Good Choice: Oil and Filter Change

Your first option to consider is the basic oil and filter change. Should you choose this service, our trained automotive mechanics will utilize premium Motorcraft® Synthetic Blend oil (which includes cutting-edge performance additives) as part of a complete change of your car's oil and filter. Engaging in this service helps safeguard your engine from wear and reduces the risk of damage-causing buildup, rust, and corrosion.

Better Choice: "The Works" Fuel Saver Package

"The Works" goes beyond the standard oil and filter change approach and incorporates a bevy of other vital services. Specifically, tire rotation, brake inspection, battery test, and a complete Vehicle Check-Up Report that helps you stay on top of the health of your vehicle are all incorporated into this service package.

Best Choice: Manufacturer-Recommended Service for Your Specific Vehicle

The best option available to you is to follow your vehicle manufacturer's scheduled service maintenance plan. Naturally, this type of service can – and will – vary from automaker to automaker and model to model, but often includes spark plug replacement, oil change, engine coolant flushing, and a variety of other needed maintenance actions. For more information on your vehicle's maintenance schedule, do not hesitate to connect with a Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center specialist here at Billy Howell Ford Lincoln.

Safety Starts with Giving Your Brakes Their Due

While most people might not give their brakes a second thought, the truth of the matter is that this vital asset within your vehicle is the most important safety feature; without working and reliable brakes, avoiding unnecessary accidents and other calamities becomes a significantly harder task. Fortunately, our Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center can help you out on this front via stellar brake service and support.

From checking for wear and tear to complete brake overhauls, you can count on us to take care of this important safety system. Outside of the best brake service in Alpharetta, we also only utilize premium brake products and brake fluids, so you can stop with confidence knowing that reliability, quality, and performance are never a concern.

Staying Charged up with Quality Battery Service

There is nothing worse than being stuck on the side of the road with a car that will not crank up. However, by bringing your vehicle in to our Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center, you can avoid this nightmare scenario altogether and ensure that your battery is always in working order and ready to get you where you are going. If our battery test does show that your battery is worn out and in need of replacement, you can rest easy knowing that we most certainly have the right battery for you in stock.

Going a step further, each better sold by the Billy Howell Ford Lincoln Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center adheres to the following standards and assurances:

  • High quality and competitively priced
  • Excellent warranty coverage that works for you
  • Designed with the latest technologies in mind and manufactured to the highest standards of quality and reliability

In other words, it is plain to see that Billy Howell Ford Lincoln is your home for the best selection of batteries, pricing that works for you, and service that is always done in a jiffy.

Keeping Your Cool with a Well-Kept Cooling System

The current health of your car's radiator might not be the most exciting conversation starter, but failing to initiate this important discussion with the Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center team here at Billy Howell Ford Lincoln can lead to a variety of issues and problems later on down the road. Thankfully, avoiding an overheated car or a blown radiator is all in a day's work for our factory-trained automotive professionals.

From checking hoses for damages and leaks to monitoring the operating temperature of your cooling system, these repair gurus have all of the tools and know-how needed to keep your engine protected and running smoothly, even when the mercury starts rising in thermometers all across Alpharetta.

Protecting Your Belts and Hoses

Perhaps the most overlooked cause for vehicle issues, worn and broken belts and hoses are easily avoidable issues that often go unnoticed until it is too late. If you would rather not travel down this path, let the team here at Billy Howell Ford Lincoln's Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center inspect your belts and hoses, and (if needed) replace these problematic items immediately via our expansive selection of quality replacement parts.

Included in our belt and hose inspection service are the following tests and inspection points:

  • Hose pinch test
  • Test for proper tension on your belts
  • Check for leaks and cracks on hoses
  • Inspect belts for cracks, wear, and other signs of tearing or damaging

As you can see, Billy Howell Ford Lincoln's Quick Lane® Tire & Auto Center is more than capable of handling any car service, repair, or maintenance issue that comes your way. With this in mind, we look forward to serving you with a smile and unparalleled expertise the next time you need your car repaired or serviced here in Alpharetta.

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